About Us

We weave the fabric of life, creating ethical, multi-faceted, and sustainable solutions to today's challenges. For the benefit of our planet and community, we believe in using only what nature has provided to bring you the best products for your home and loved ones.

Creative | Sustainable | Responsible | Trustworthy

Founded in the Year 2020, Firstweave was born out of an inspiring journey that helped us discover a way to promote ethical handmade creations by indigenous communities through e-commerce. At Firstweave, we promote fair trade by using sustainable materials as well as highlighting the traditions of our local communities. Browse all original pieces available at our store today.

We believe that as a society and individuals we can do better. Let’s face it, mass manufacturing is a flawed system that doesn’t allow room for our environment or the people who make great products for us. We take responsibility for our footprint and strive to find innovative ways to weave in true sustainability across the supply chain, starting with us.

We are partnering with various foundations, SHGs (Self Help Groups), and artisans to offer products you can trust. We know that quality matters and sustainability means good business for all of us. All our products are produced under responsible conditions, meaning there is a price paid for safety and well-being, fair wages, and long-term partnerships. We’re not perfect, but we try to be the change we want to see in the world.