Decorate your walls with these beautiful and gorgeous moonj wall plates. Mix and match to create amazing look for your walls.


Moonj is a wild grass that grows along the seasonal ponds or larger water sources that is harvested by hand usually during the monsoons. The women travel long distances from their villages to harvest this grass, a time-consuming task, as only the central stem of the grass needs to be gathered rather than the whole grass itself. After a few days of sun drying the grass is lighter in colour and then the actual process begins. Moonj is cut, shaved and dyed in different colours and left out to dry again. Only after this initial preparation which spans over a few days and involves a lot of hard work, is the grass ready to be woven into gorgeous and stunning pieces of baskets and many other extremely efficient and handy products.


Sold By Firstweave

Firstweave is on a mission to bring you the unique, handmade, and eco-friendly products that help various artisans in India to sustain their livelihood. This product is made in collaboration with various self-help groups at Mon Ami Foundation.


Made By Mon Ami Foundation

Mon Ami Foundation, an independent not for profit trust, registered in 2015, works with a focus on social responsibility. It works closely with corporates, domain experts, service providers and recipient communities to support projects related to skills, livelihood enhancement and sustainability.


Supported By Dalmia Bharat Foundation

Mon Ami Foundation along with Dalmia Bharat Foundation have lent their support in terms of design and market linkages, to sustain this craft and make it more adaptable for the urban/ international set-up. The effort involved working closely with the women from Sitapur district to introduce modern designs and forms.

Warm Sunflower Wall Decor 6 inch (Set of 2)

  • Clean with a wet wipe.